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25 Years NEUMAN & ESSER in South East Asia

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Zum Anfang


On January 1, 1998, NEAC Far East Co Ltd. was founded in Rayong, Thailand. It was later renamed NEAC South East Asia. The Service Center was opened at this NEUMAN & ESSER location to provide service and spare parts for the increasing number of NEUMAN & ESSER compressors installed in Thailand and the surrounding countries. The first team in Thailand consisted of the former Managing Director, the Workshop Manager Hubert Thein, who also worked in the Übach-Palenberg and Wurzen machine shops in Germany, and four other employees.
Zum Anfang
Just two years after the location was founded, the first major expansion of activities by NEUMAN & ESSER in South East Asia took place. On June 8, 2000, NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia Ltd. Was brought to life under the leadership of Managing Director Wolfgang Gadow. The tasks of the new company included engineering and sales of compressor systems as well as the local project management. The office of the new company was housed in the same building where NEAC South East Asia was and still is based. So, the two companies have worked closely together from the start.
Zum Anfang

New Workshop Building 2000

The location in Thailand was expanded in 2000 with the largest foreign investment to date. With this, NEUMAN & ESSER placed a strategic sales focus on southeast Asia at an early stage. A 30x26 m factory hall and an office building with an area of 24x12 m were built on the 5,000 m² site in Rayong. With the construction of the factory building, the staff of NEAC South East Asia was also increased from eight to 18 employees.
Zum Anfang

First Offshore-Skid 2002

In 2002, NEUMAN & ESSER USA received an order for an offshore compressor. The order included a two-crank piston compressor type 1SZL63. After the entire engineering was carried out by NEUMAN & ESSER USA, NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia implemented the plant construction. The frame and all piping were purchased locally in Thailand. Kiattisak Chotpanang and Swamy Subramanyan from the project department of NEUMAN & ESSER USA as well as Workshop Manager Sorawit Huinam together with two welders and two fitters were the project protagonists.
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New Structure 2004

In March 2001, NEAC South East Asia and NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia jointly opened their location as a combination of full-service and application center for compressors on the South East Asian market. In the past successful years, the two companies at the site have moved closer together. In 2004, a new management structure was established, with Andy Thom taking over the entire management in Thailand. This enabled the new Managing Director to better coordinate and exploit the performance potential of both companies. In addition, NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia gained the sales territories Australia and New Zealand.
Zum Anfang

Office Expansion 2005/2006

The positive development of the location continued. As a result of the growth in orders in South East Asia, NEUMAN & ESSER in 2005 and 2006 decided to take this growth as initiator for expansion. By extending the company premises, additional office and production space was created. The additional 120 m² housed a larger and better equipped conference room, a storage area and two additional offices.
Zum Anfang

Ten Years in South East Asia

In April 2008, the location in Thailand celebrated its first big anniversary. Klaus, Stefanie and Alexander Peters were joined by other NEUMAN & ESSER Managing Directors for this special day. Andy Thom, Managing Director of NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia at the time, opened the festivities, followed by speeches from the Peters family and several guests of honor. In the speeches, a look back was taken at the past ten years. Both the growing population of new machines and service assignments as well as the staff, which increased tenfold in the first decade, testified to a successful path.
Zum Anfang
Together with the site anniversary, the completion of the new workshops was celebrated and accompanied by a Compressor Day with customers. The new building was inaugurated with colorful traditional dances. The construction of the second hall doubled the production area. This made it possible to carry out the machining, welding and assembly work areas separately in the two halls. The enlarged hall area was supplemented by an extended material stock outside and in the front area of both factory halls. This area capacity, which is available for packing, for example, was more than tripled.
Zum Anfang

High-Pressure Compressors for LNG Terminal

In November 2008, NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia received an order for send-out compressors at an LNG terminal in Korea. In this project, the company supplied the customer in this project with a plant equipped with a four-crank reciprocating compressor type 2TVL320. The order value amounted to 2.5 million euros. The compressors are used to compress boil-off gas on the high-pressure side from 9 bar to 74 bar at a gas volume of 20,000 kg/h. The duration of the project development was around two years.
Zum Anfang

ADMA Offshore Project 2009

In 2009 NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia won an order for two compressor units used in steam recovery on an offshore platform in Abu Dhabi were won. NEUMAN & ESSER GULF participated in this order as a connecting link between the customer and NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia. The two units each include a 3SVL130 four-crank piston compressor with a motor power of 350 kW. They compress process gas with high hydrogen sulfide content from 1.2 bar to 17 bar at a gas volume of 2,900 kg/h. Due to the highly corrosive gases, special materials such as duplex stainless steel and Incoloy steel were used for this project. Each unit measures 9x8x12 m and weighs about 110 tons. Due to the height restriction for transportation, each unit can be divided into two sub-units with the air cooler packs removed for transportation.
Zum Anfang

Refinery Expansion Project Korea 2009

At the end of 2008, on December 12, NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia succeeded in winning another major order and successfully completing it within 16 months. This order covered eleven plants with reciprocating compressors types 1TZL190, 1TES190, 2TVL64, 1TV1 and 2TES20 were delivered. The total value of the order, in which the sales team for South Korea and the agent played an important role, was 9.5 million euros. The NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia project team was able to make the delivery on time and successfully handed over and commissioned the equipment to the customer in 2010.
Zum Anfang

New Capacities/Compressor Day 2011

The second major expansion of the site in South East Asia in 2011 was in response to the continuous growth of the two companies and the region. Just four years after production capacity was doubled with the construction of the new factory building as part of the first major expansion. Looking to the future, however, it was clear that more space was needed. Therefore, a large piece of land with direct access to the highway was acquired in 2010. The construction plan called for a division into three building phases. The first was to integrate the new parcel into the existing facility, build a new packaging workshop, and provide good inbound and outbound access for spare parts and finished compressor units. The remaining two phases were planned for future investment. The first phase was successfully completed at the end of 2011.
Zum Anfang
As part of the celebration of the completed first construction phase in December 2011, both a Board of Directors Meeting and a Compressor Day were held in Thailand. The presentations during the Compressor Day focused on NEUMAN & ESSER's technology leadership in different areas. Compressor design and innovations were presented as well as the system integration possibilities through 3D package design, the pioneering role in green technologies and the area of sealing technology with new material developments for piston rings and packings.
Zum Anfang

New Office Building, New Company Name

After focusing on the Thai home market in the first years of NEAC South East Asia Ltd., the sales area expanded rapidly. With the renaming to NEAC Compressor Service Ltd. this development was considered and the brand essence was anchored in the company name. As of January 1, 2014, the "new" company began operating activities for customers in South East Asia and the Pacific region.
Another major investment was already made at the site in 2013. A new 1,200 m² office building at the site now became the basis for the ambitious goals in the areas of compressor aftermarket as well as sales and handling of compressor systems. At the same time, the existing NEAC Service Center was demolished and relocated to the rebuilt large workshop so that the NEAC Repair Coordination Center (RCC), certified to Level C for crankshafts, pistons, piston rods, crossheads, etc., could be fully operational on approx. 400 m².
Zum Anfang
With these investments in the precise measurement of components, such as a granite measuring table with a load capacity of 6,000 kg, it was now possible to assess local component measurement results, in accordance with global NEA standards, and to define and check measures. The same applied to valve service and repairs to piston rod seals according to Level A with the tools or tightness measurements according to the manufacturer's specifications.  

Safety on construction sites is one of the top maxims. Especially in the chemical and refinery sector, NEAC Compressor Service works under the highest safety precautions. The OHSAS certification helps to describe respectively optimize the necessary processes for this, so that the number of occupational accidents continues to be zero. NEAC Compressor Service Ltd. was OHSAS certified in 2013.
Zum Anfang

Building and Personnel Changes

Together with the official opening of the new building, another Compressor Day was held in Thailand in 2014. One focus was on the expanded service program of NEAC Compressor Service Ltd. which, in addition to the usual repairs and on-site service, now also included technical customer service including machine diagnostics for the OEM licenses of NEUMAN & ESSER. In addition to numerous technical demonstrations and the building opening, the event also focused on a personnel matter. After ten years of service, Andy Thom handed over his position as Managing Director of NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia to his successor Arnd Viets, who had already filled the role of Sales Director Asia since 2008 and was very familiar with the Southeast Asian market.
Zum Anfang
Another highlight of the year for NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia and NEAC Compressor Service Ltd. was the Gastech in Seoul, South Korea. Unexpectedly strong was the attendance of decision makers from the gas transport and storage as well as LNG sectors. EPC customers from South Korea showed particular interest and visited the 68 m² booth. Expert discussions featured a 1:10 scale compressor model of a six-crank compressor of size 500 as well as measurements of the main storage aisle by means of 2D lasers.
Zum Anfang

Board Member of KRMEA 2015

Since February 2015, NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia, represented by its Managing Director Arnd Viets, has been a member of the Korean Rotating Machinery Engineering Association (KRMEA). The goals of the organization are, among others, the exchange of knowledge and networking among the members. An annual highlight is the symposium with numerous lectures and a supporting program. Prof. Dr. Klaus Hoff, former Head of Central Division of Technology Compressors and Technical Managing Director Compressors today at NEUMAN & ESSER, was a frequent speaker at the symposium in the past. In addition, KRMEA organizes local meetings in the major industrial areas of South Korea.
Zum Anfang

15 Recipracating Compressors Order 2016

A group of South Korean EPCs formed a joint venture in 2016 and won an order for a refinery project in Iraq. For this project, the joint venture then placed an order for 15 compressor units at NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia. With his good contacts and sales network, Sales Manager Indi Chin made a major contribution to the success of the project. The 15 units included compressors of sizes 63, 190, 300 and 500. After a total of 24 months, the project with a contract value of 24 million euros was successfully completed. Together with the Iraqi agent, NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia supported the customer during installation and will be present at the commissioning on site.
Zum Anfang

First HOFER Compressor 2017

After NEUMAN & ESSER acquired Andreas Hofer Hochdrucktechnik in 2015, the Sales & Application Centers were able to offer diaphragm compressors as well as hydraulically driven compressors of HOFER to their customers. Then, in 2017, the first HOFER unit was sold by NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia. A manufacturer of sweetener wanted to use the hydrogen produced as a by-product in a process. This was to be compressed and then filled into truck trailers. For this purpose, the customer placed an order for an MKZ680-10/450-25 type diaphragm compressor at NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia.
Zum Anfang

BOG Compressor for LNG Terminal 2019

In 2019, NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia succeeded in winning an order from a global company in the chemical industry. The 2TZL190 two-crank fuel gas compressor will feed natural gas into a gas turbine that will generate power for a plant expansion in South Korea. In the run-up of this project, the piston compressor from NEUMAN & ESSER was able to prevail over turbo compressor originally considered.
Zum Anfang

Agents Day and NEAC RCC 2019

Traditionally, the NEUMAN & ESSER Asia Agents Day takes place once a year. Agents from the sales territories of NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia come together to intensively exchange information about current strategies and synergies. The aim is always to develop the best expert solutions for the markets' needs in a customer-oriented manner. In addition to various presentations by NEUMAN & ESSER employees and sufficient space for discussions, the team spirit is strengthened with a joint boat trip to the islands off Pattaya.
Zum Anfang
The NEAC Repair Coordination Center (RCC) in Southeast Asia performs OEM-quality repairs and related tests on customers' machines. All work meets the high standards of NEUMAN & ESSER and is carried out in worldwide uniform processes. This service enables customers to keep their machines in OEM-like new condition. In addition, OEM spare parts, e.g. cylinder liners, are part of the RCC service portfolio.Four RCC employees are trained to repair cylinders, piston rod packings and compressor valves with different levels. Since 2009, NEAC has been Level A certified for compressor valves and piston rod packings, and Level B certified for cylinder and piston rod repairs. Then in 2014, Level C certification was gained for OEM repairs on the drive device. Tanatorn Kraipon and Wittaya Phonoi are trained for Level A, Teerawat Kijsawas for Level B, while Waldemar Lutz is trained for Level B and C.
Zum Anfang

Merging NEA and NEAC 2020

To further improve customer service while realizing the potential of NEAC Compressor Service Ltd. and NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia, the company decided in 2020 to merge the two entities. Under the name NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia, customers at the Thailand site have been supplied with both new machines and customer-specific service directly on site ever since. Under the leadership of Arnd Viets, Managing Director with a focus on New Machine Sales, and Luca Cini, Managing Director with a focus on Service, the course was set for the continued successful future of the location.
Zum Anfang

10 Compressors Order 2020

In 2019, another major order was placed with NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia. Two EPCs ordered ten reciprocating compressor units of different sizes - 30, 40, 63 and 130. The contract volume of the 20-month project was around 4.9 million euros. Managing Director Arnd Viets and Sales Manager South Korea Indi Chin were the NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia project protagonists who made a considerable contribution to the successful completion of the order.
Zum Anfang

The Year of LNG Orders

At NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia, the year 2021 was all about LNG. No less than three orders for this application were won. First, two 1TZL190 LNG BOG compressors were ordered by a customer for a facility in the Philippines. With great support from Sales Manager Indi Chin, the order was won and successfully implemented by the team in Thailand within 12 months.

The second order comprised three pipeline compressor units of the type 3TVL300, which will be used in an LNG terminal in the Dominican Republic. With the successful delivery of the machines, the project was completed after 12 months.   The third order involves three compressors to be used in the expansion of an LNG terminal in Panama. Two LP BOG compressors of type 2TZL190 and one 3TVL300 HP BOG compressor were part of the project.
Zum Anfang

Sustainability Projekt 2022

With the rain harvest pond, NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia has been making a major contribution to sustainability at NEUMAN & ESSER since 2022. The rain harvest pond was built as part of a sustainability project to reduce water consumption. With a capacity of 700 m³ and equipped with a booster pump, the water from the basin can be used for gardening. This eliminates the need for additional water. In addition, the basin provides protection against flooding during the rainy season.
Zum Anfang


With the acquisition of HOFER, the number of compressors in operation in South Korea has increased significantly. Also due to the requirements for availability of mobility applications, the need to build up local service competences grew. For this purpose, NEUMAN & ESSER 2023 acquired the company UNICON Services as the nucleus for NEUMAN & ESSER KOREA. Thus, the local company in Korea continues the process gas valve repair business with four experienced employees and dedicates additional staff to the topics of service and spare parts as well as repairs for the NEUMAN & ESSER portfolio. The next step will be to build up staff in the area of new machine sales, technical support and project management. The company is headed by Younghan (Indi) Chin as General Manager and is organizationally assigned to NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia.
Zum Anfang

Status Quo 2023

After NEUMAN & ESSER Deutschland was the pioneer in the field of LNG for many years, NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia has increasingly moved into the internal focus with numerous large orders in recent years. Since 2016, NEUMAN & ESSER's major LNG projects have mostly been carried out in Thailand. A research project in South Korea, where a test compressor was supplied for the certification of plant components, has also clearly underlined the strong LNG expertise. As a result, NEUMAN & ESSER decided internally to bundle the group's LNG competencies in South East Asia. The function of the site as an LNG competence center includes the provision of technical knowledge for all sites, targeted sales support as well as the implementation of new findings in work standards and presence at important trade events.
Zum Anfang
The sales and expert area of NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia is very broad and reaches from South Korea to New Zealand, from North to South. To be able to offer customers a fast and qualified service at all times, the service team has been set up very internationally. Thus, in addition to the five service engineers in Thailand and the agent network, NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia employs, among others, one service engineer each in Taiwan and Indonesia. This decentralized approach makes it possible to respond to inquiries in an agile manner and to provide technical advice, services and supervision in the local language.
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The NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia team is very diverse and international. Its sales region covers around 14 countries in South East Asia. The multinational team includes employees from Germany, Indonesia, India, Italy, Myanmar, South Korea, Thailand and the United States. Currently, four team members work in project handling, four in sales, three in service, two in applications, one in procurement, one in the technical department, and two as Managing Directors. Even despite the diversity of nations, the team forms a unity in accordance with the NEUMAN & ESSER principles and values. The uniqueness of the individual cultures helps to learn from each other and to work together as a team, especially since the sales territory is just as culturally diverse.
Zum Anfang


While the NEUMAN & ESSER site in Thailand was strongly focused on traditional compressor systems in the past, the business has been expanded into new markets and customers as well as the associated products and services for some years now. Particularly in the growing hydrogen market and in the field of renewable energies, NEUMAN & ESSER covers the entire value chain. Here, the expertise and experience of NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia can be ideally played out and solutions for green gas generation, its transport and storage as well as its application in mobility with HRS or in industry can be offered, planned and handled. In Korea and other NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia sales countries, several HRS are already in operation. With the qualities in the aftermarket business, the plants are not only installed and commissioned, but also to be maintained during the entire life cycle at the customer.  
During the energy transition, traditional solutions will continue to be required. The site in Thailand plays a central role in this as a NEUMAN & ESSER specialist for LNG terminal solutions, carbon capture solutions and maritime solutions.
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